About Great Alaska Adventures

Great Alaska Adventures was founded by Laurence and Kent John and Kathy Haley. This is their story.

Laurence and his family were in Los Angeles California in the late '50s and early '60's living the beach life. After receiving the "dream promotion", Laurence decided a move to New York was not something he wanted for his family, and he and his wife Sharon bailed on corporate America, shucked the L.A. life and drove North to the Pacific Northwest.  A  chance trip to Alaska in the '60s for Laurence began a love affair with our wildest state that continues to this day.  His son Kent followed him to Alaska in 1981, and on their wanderings, they met Kathy, daughter of an original homesteader and they swung a deal to create a company that brought something special to the table.

Today Great Alaska Adventures is a one of a kind resort featuring wildlife viewing, world-class sport fishing and our signature combination trips.  Our staff, from all over the country,  are committed to providing you with the adventure of a lifetime.  Nothing is more important than your experience, and we will work tirelessly to do all we can to ensure that it is all you hoped.